Dying Well

Death. For too long, it’s been hidden in hospitals and nursing homes, black cars and funeral homes, while the world turns the other way. It wasn’t always this way, and we have seen an interest in resurrecting the way death used to be viewed. It is as sacred a part of life as birth, as entering adulthood, parenthood, or any other of life’s milestones. For many, looking the other way is as unnatural as death is natural. We are learning to care for our loved ones as they draw near to, and cross beyond, their final threshold.

More and more people are being cared for at home as life’s end approaches. Taken care of by those they love in the place they are the most comfortable. There is such a thing as a good death, and as we come to realize that, more people are embracing the choices they may not have known were available to them just a short time ago. Choosing how and where to die. With dignity and in the company of compassion.

Choosing, also, how their funerals will be handled. With the resurgence of home care, it is only natural that we are also seeing renewed interest in home funerals and greening the end of life. There are so many more options than people used to be aware of, and many reasons for making different decisions: cost, environmental impact, gentleness, spiritual practices, and so on.

It is my sincere joy to be a part of this movement, and to help the dying and their families make the choices that are right for them and assist in carrying out those decisions.